Hi, I’m Jess, a food stylist and imaging specialist. I prepare food for photography, video or film.

My path to food styling comes from a background and education in Advertising Photography. After graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology in Advertising Photography in 2006, I relocated to Sydney, Australia, using my newly minted, technically savvy skills with some of the most innovative art directors, photographers and photo studios there. Upon returning to the states, I broadened my work experience as a photo editor, retoucher and photo producer for Ringling Brother Barnum and Bailey Circus, Smithsonian Institution, PetSmart, Draft Magazine and Food Network.

Twelve years in advertising photography has given me a keen eye for detail and honed my ability to create food for the camera. I transitioned to food styling in 2016 after years of assisting on food styling projects with some of the best creatives in Sydney, New York, and Phoenix and building my portfolio of stylized food images and clients.

Today my family and I live in super sunny Phoenix.


+1 301 661 6115